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직접 카카오빈을 분리하고 솎아내고 로스팅하고 곱게갈아서 48시간 이상 콘칭하고 쇼콜라띠에가 탬퍼링하여 정성들여 완성했습니다. 현지에서 적절히 발효된 최상품 카카오빈과 정제하지 않은 사탕수수 원당으로 정직하게 만들었습니다.

Separate and thin cacao beans, roast and grind finely
Conching for more than 48 hours and tampering with chocolate tier
Finished. The finest cacao beans fermented locally
Made honestly with unrefined sugarcane raw sugar.


It is a valuable chocolate that opened in 2014. Meet products made honestly with bean-to-bar chocolate.

It is a signature menu of valuable chocolate. Enjoy a wider variety of menus.


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